What Happens to my Campaign after the end of the Subscription Period

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After the Twibbonize subscription period is over and you don't want to continue the subscription package, your package status will become Twibbonize Free. Don't worry; you are not limited to creating new campaigns. However, users should note that they cannot use special features in the previous subscription package.

Users should also note that some of Twibbonize Gold's features will undergo adjustments, including:

  • Campaign Visibility 
    • If previously activated in one of the campaigns, the user can still use this until the creator moves it to an open option or it is visible to all users.
  • Media Module 
    • The “Add Module” button in the module store will not be available later.
    • If the Media module were previously activated, the feature would remain in the campaign, and creators could still add or remove media.
    • Suppose after the package ends and the creator removes the Media module from the created campaign. In that case, the feature will disappear until the Silver, Gold and Platinum packages are purchased again.

As a side note, the Analytics Data in each campaign will be removed from your Twibbonize account once the system has successfully downgraded the account.

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