How Can I Log in to the Premium Account if I Forget the Account?

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We understand that this unpleasant obstacle often occurs. Related to this, according to standards, we have prepared a forgot password option on the login page. You can choose this option by filling in your email address. Our system will later send password updates and instructions through the associated account. Make sure you register an account via the manual email filling option. You  can also view detailed instructions via

Suppose you register via social media (Gmail or Facebook). In that case, you need to remember your account details and contact the relevant party to activate or grant social media access. You can see the instructions  related to the detailed instructions

If you need help with something other than these and you're currently activating Twibbonize Silver, Gold, or Platinum, we can help further. Send:

  • Your transaction invoice document (proof of payment).
  • Identity proof (KTP/Passport)

Go to the email address with the message subject "Login Help". The related team will then validate and send assistance to you. Make sure you submit via the same email address to make checking easier.

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