What is Twibbonize Donation?

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Twibbonize donation is a feature that allows users to contribute further by making donations. Twibbonize donation feature is available with five donation amounts of IDR 15,000, IDR 25,000, IDR 50,000, IDR 75,000, and IDR 100,000. The fees collected will later be used for infrastructure maintenance, such as servers which require a large amount of money.


We believe that with your help, we can significantly impact the lives of those we serve. Whether you donate a small or large amount, your contribution will help us continue providing a great experience with Twibbonize. We understand that donating is a personal decision, and we appreciate any support you can provide. Every donation helps us to make a difference and create a brighter future for our community.


How to donate?

Go to the campaign page, Click the Donate Twibbonize button


On the donation popup page, select a donation amount

On the payment page, select the payment method you want to use


After completing the payment, you get access to the exclusive Twibbon of loyal users


Get exclusive Twibbon by donating to Twibbonize.

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