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Twibbonize offers a unique Add-On feature designed to enhance campaign supporters' experience. This option is available to creators who have a Twibbonize Premium subscription. It allows them to provide their supporters (Those who don't have a premium subscription) with premium features, elevating the overall impact and quality of their campaigns.

No Watermark for All

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Campaign frames will no longer display the "Made by Twibbonize" watermark, offering a cleaner and more professional look.

High Quality Image for All

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This feature ensures that the images associated with the campaign are of great resolution, enhancing visual appeal.

Ad-Free Campaign

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Supporters can enjoy and engage with campaigns without the distraction of advertisements.


Before activating these additional features, conducting a cost check is crucial. The creator will bear the costs associated with enabling these premium options.

To activate it, kindly:

1. Go to the profile page. 

1. ID What is Twibbonize (1).png

2. Ensure you are subscribed to Twibbonize Premium.

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3. Create your campaign as usual and publish it. Please remember that additional features can only be applied to campaigns that have already been created.

4. Choose edit campaign.

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5. Select additional packages according to your needs and desires and proceed to the payment process.

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6. Select the available payment options and complete the payment within the specified time period.

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7. You will get a successful notification and your payment invoice if the payment has been completed. Please save proof of this transaction in case problems occur.

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