Why is my Bank Card (Debet/Credit) Rejected by Stripe?

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There could be several reasons why your credit card is rejected by Stripe. Here are some common factors that may contribute to the rejection:

  1. Insufficient funds: If your credit card does not have enough available credit or funds to cover the transaction amount, Stripe may reject the payment. Ensure that you have enough funds or credit limit available on your card.
  2. Incorrect card details: Double-check the card number, expiration date, CVV (security code), and billing address you entered during the payment process. Even a small error can lead to a card rejection.
  3. Card expired or inactive: If your card has expired or is no longer active, Stripe will not be able to process the payment. Make sure you are using a valid and active card.
  4. Card restrictions: Some credit cards may have certain restrictions imposed by the card issuer. For example, the card may not be enabled for online or international transactions. Contact your card issuer to ensure there are no specific restrictions on your card.
  5. Fraud protection measures: Stripe has built-in fraud protection mechanisms that may flag certain transactions as potentially fraudulent. If your payment triggers these measures, it may be declined. In such cases, contacting your card issuer or Stripe's support can help resolve the issue.
  6. Security concerns: If Stripe detects suspicious activity associated with your card or account, they may decline the transaction to protect against fraud. This can happen if the card has been reported lost or stolen, or if there are other security concerns.
  7. Regional limitations: Stripe operates in multiple countries, and there may be restrictions on certain card types or issuers based on your location. Verify that your card is accepted in your country or region.

If your credit card continues to be rejected, it is recommended to reach out to Twibbonize support team via hi@twibbonize.com or contact your card issuer directly for further assistance. They can provide specific information about the reason for the rejection and help you resolve the issue.

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