How to Design a Photo Frame on Canva for Android/iOS?

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  1. Open Canva on your smartphone.


    • If you haven't downloaded the app, you can download it from Playstore for Android or App Store for iOS.




  2. If you haven't had a Canva account, you can sign up first. If you have, you can sign in right away to your Canva account.




  3. Click the [+] button to create a new design canvas.




  4. Choose the Instagram Post size. You can also select Custom Size and insert 1080 x 1080 pixels as your design canvas size.




  5. Decide the base color of your design by clicking the color setting icon.




  6. Once you set your base color, click the [+] button.




  7. Click the Element tab and choose the elements you want to add to your design. You can also utilize the search bar and type the keywords of the elements you want to use to help you find the suitable ones. For example, you can type the keyword "party" to find party-related elements for your design.




  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 to add other elements to complete your design.


  9. Moving on from decorating your design, the next step is to add text. Click the [+] button.




  10. Click the Text tab and choose the kind of text you want to add to your design.




  11. Once a text is added to your design, click it and type the words you want to incorporate into your design.


  12. Click your text to open the Text setting; the font setting, color setting, text size setting, etc. Use that to customize your text.




  13. Set the position of your text by clicking on it, then drag and move the text.


  14. Once you're finished with the text, now it's time to add a circle frame. Click the [+] button.




  15. Click the Element tab, then type "circle frame" on the search bar.




  16. Choose any circle frame that you want to add to your design.


  17. Once a circle frame is added, click it and change the color using the one you haven't used in your design. This will help you to set the transparency on your photo frame later on.




  18. Next, click the Download button on the top right of your screen.




  19. Save your design. Make sure the format is PNG.




  20. Your design is saved. Check your photo gallery on your smartphone to find it. Usually, the design will be saved in Recent Photos or Downloads album.





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