How do I Design My Photo Frame in Canva for Web/Desktop?

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  1. Go to Canva.


  2. Click Create a Design.




  3. Click Custom Size.




  4. Insert 1080 x 1080 px as the size of your design canvas for the best image quality.




  5. Click Create new design, and your design canvas is successfully created.


  6. Next, click the color icon on the top left of your screen to select the base color for your design.






  7. After that, you can add elements to your design by clicking the Elements tab. Type a keyword to help you find the design elements you want to put into your design.




  8. Once you are done adding elements, next is to add texts to your design. Click the tab Text.




  9. Click add heading, subheading, or body text depending on your needs for the design.




  10. You can change the font of your text by clicking the font column on the top left of your screen. Then, browse the fonts until you find the one that suits you.




  11. Change the color of the font if you like. Click the color setting on the top left, then choose the font color you want to use.




  12. You can also modify your text by adding text effects to it. Click Effects on the top right of your screen, then choose the effect that you want.




  13. Next is adding the photo frame element to your design. Go to the Elements tab, and you can type any keywords to find the right shape for the photo frame. You can try the keywords "circle frame", "square frame", or any other frame to help you find one.




  14. You can also adjust the position of your elements, whether you want to put them on top or behind the other. Click the element and choose Position. Then, you can arrange them by clicking Backward, Forward, etc.




  15. Once you are settled, change the color of the photo frame element into the color you haven't incorporated in your design yet. By making the color difference, it will help you creating transparency for your photo frame later.


  16. Lastly, if you are satisfied with your design, click the Download button on the top right corner. Select PNG as the format.



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