Campaign Piracy

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Mohamad Fokkerizky
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Twibbonize supports user's creativity and protects the originality of works created by our users. The intended work refers to photo frames, text, and other works that can be uploaded in the module. Twibbonize does not tolerate piracy because it can undermine trust in the Twibbonize Community, and we will certainly follow through firmly.
Users are prohibited to:
  • Upload other people's photo frame and claiming ownership over it.
  • Upload other people's photo frame, claiming it, and making a different campaign out of it.
  • Steal another user's photo frame, then remove the user's ownership attribute (example: campaign name or agency logo) from their photo frame, then re-upload the frame and claim ownership over it.
  • Copy text, information or descriptions from other campaigns.
  • Use available modules to steal other people's work.

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