Harassment and Cyberbullying

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Mohamad Fokkerizky
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Any acts of harassment and cyberbullying are not justified by Twibbonize. Campaigns that commit insults, cruel behavior, and do not take humanitarian aspects into account, as well as sexual harassment of certain individuals or groups that are conducted on a continuous basis, will be removed by Twibbonize in order to protect our user community.
Twibbonize users are prohibited from creating campaigns that:
  • Celebrating or mocking the death or serious injury suffered by a particular individual or group
  • Mocking, making fun of, making jokes against certain individuals/groups, or individuals/groups with certain conditions (having mental issues or special needs)
  • Supporting non-consensual sex acts, unwanted sexual exploitation, or anything that sexually harasses or demeans an individual/group
  • Harass or discourage other individuals/groups

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