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Campaigns are one of the most important elements of Twibbonize. With a campaign, creators can invite and share their ideas. Don't worry; Twibbonize is trying to make the campaign experience easy and fun. Here's a guide to creating a Twibbonize campaign:

  1. Make sure you already have a Twibbonize account. If you don't have one, we recommend registering for an account. You can read more information via the following link.
  2. Sign in to your Twibbonize account. After successfully logging into your account, select Profile.
  3. Welcome to Twibbonize's new dashboard view. Select the + logo at the top right, and you will be directed to the Create Campaign page.A5__1_.png
  4. Fill in the Campaign Title field with a name representing the campaign's details. 1.png
  5. Fill in the Campaign Description column to explain your campaign information, for example, an explanation of the campaign theme, campaign objectives, and others. 2.png
  6. Fill in the Campaign Hashtag field with hashtags that match your campaign category and theme. The hashtag's function is to help spread the campaign to easily searchable by supporters. A5.2A.png
  7. Fill in the Campaign Link field with your URL link. This link is useful later when you want to share information about your campaign. A5.4.1.png
  8. Select Save, and the system will direct you to the next page.
  9. Congratulations, your campaign basic information page has been successfully created. The system will direct you to the Campaign Preferences Page. Then, don't forget to select Add Module.A5.5.1.png
  10. You will be taken to Modules Store. This is a new feature of Twibbonize that allows you to add modules in Frames and Buttons.A5.6.1.png
  11. Frame is your campaign photo frame. You can add up to five (5) photo frames in each campaign in this new feature. Upload your campaign photo frame on the Campaign Frames page by clicking the Upload Photo section or dragging your photo frame file. A5.7.1.png
  12. Add an interesting caption in the Caption column. Supporters can use captions to spread your campaign on their social media.A5.8.1.png
  13. The new Twibbonize feature also allows you to add a Button to your campaign. The button functions as a shortcut link that can direct campaign supporters to visit the page the creator wants. Select Button, add a module, enter the name of the Button and the address of the link you wish to link to, and Save it.A5.9.1.pngScreenshot_2022-02-03_at_18.13_1.png
  14. If everything is ready, make sure you have moved the activate button to the right and green.A5.11.1.png

Congratulations Your campaign has been successful and will be automatically found on the Twibbonize page.

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