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What is a Supporters? What is the Difference with Supports?

Twibbonize is being switched from "Supports" to "Supporters" at August 1st, 2022. Below the explanation about the difference: 

- Supporters is a total person who interact in the campaign modules regardless of the amount of interaction takes. 

- Supports is a total interaction by person who interact in the campaign. 



Each campaign page published on Twibbonize will show the number of supporters. Twibbonize has a special calculation for the number of supporters. The number of supporters on the campaign page refers to each person who interact in the campaign modules. Here the example of interaction with the module: 

1. User successfully generate and download twibbon from frame module.

2. User clicks the button modules in the campaign page. 

3. User clicks the download button in the media module.

4. User inputs a comments in the comment module. 


The total interaction that has been made, will counts as one supporters. This calculation will give a more realistic data of supporters in the campaign. Nevertheless, participation is not only limited to such things. In the long run, Twibbonize will continue to facilitate campaign supporters with more features so they can show their best support and participate better in supporting their favorite campaign.


Whats happen with the Support Data before August 1st 2022? 

The number of existing Supports data before August 1st, 2022 will be counted as supporters data. For the example campaign creator has 5,000 supporters, then after August 1st, 2022 it will be switch into 5,000 supporters. After August 1, 2022 the number of supporters will use new a new calculation mechanism.


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