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If you signed up for a Twibbonize account using an email address, follow these guidelines:

1. On the My Campaigns page, click Change Profile located in the Account Settings column on the right of your screen. A18.png

2. View registered email.

If you register by register via email address or by social media account that is already linked to the email, you will see email information in the Email column.


3. Select change in the email information column. A18a.1.png

4. Enter your new email and then select change email.A18a.2.png

5. System will send a verification code containing a six-digit number to your new email address. Immediately check your email and enter your verification code on the Twibbonize page. A18a.3.png

6. The email address registered to your account will automatically change. Please try Signing in again using your new email address.

7. At this stage, you will also get a notification on the old email address account regarding the changes that have just been made.

This is our security procedure to inform changes that occur. If you think you didn't make an email change, you have 24 hours (from the time the email was received) to cancel it.

8. Change password

If you cancel your email change change, you will be prompted to make a password change. This is necessary to keep your account safe from potential hacking.

For information, you can only change your email address again after 90 days which is calculated from the last email change made.



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