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Twibbonize protects the confidentiality of the reporter's identities. That way, we hope Twibbonize users can contribute in creating a Twibbonize Community that is safe, comfortable, and free from violations.

What you can do when you find campaign violations:

  1. Report any form of violation by clicking the "Report Campaign" button located on the campaign module page
  2. Enter the details of the violation by clicking the available violation category option
  3. Explain the violation briefly
  4. Enter the reported campaign link with your email address in the available fields

You can also email by including:

  • Subject: “Campaign Violation - [Violation category & sub-category]
  • Campaign link
  • A brief description of the violation

What happens after you report a campaign violation:

We will send you an email notification regarding the status of the violator report. Twibbonize would like to thank all users for their contributions to the Twibbonize community.

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