What is the Difference between Caption and Description?

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● Definition

Caption in this context refers to the support message for the campaign. While

Description is more into the general explanation of what your campaign is about.

● Function

Caption helps your supporter to give their personal touch in supporting your

campaign. Your supporters can copy your campaign caption and share it on their

social media. While Description helps your supporter know more about your

campaign, its theme, the aim, and purpose of your campaign, and basically the general information about your campaign.

● Layout

24a.1__1_.pngA caption will appear after your supporters finish editing their picture with your

campaign's photo frame. Your supporter can copy the caption and post it on their

social media.




While Description appears right after your supporter clicks your campaign. Your campaign Description will appear on top of the photo frame, below your campaign

creator profile. Your supporters can read this information easily since it is on the

top of the page. 

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