What is The Function of # Hashtags in a Campaign?

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Hashtag # is one way to bind topic keywords to make them easier to find on social media. This method is used by adding a phrase without a space after the hashtag symbol #. For example, the hashtag #Twibbonize


Hashtag #twibbonize was used 1.3 million times and finally grouped the photos campaign on the same topic. The hashtag will make people easier to track who has supported the campaign.

Purpose of using Hashtags

  1. Increase engagement
    • Each campaign supporter is not connected to other supporters on social media. The use of the same hashtag will connect every single supporter in the same search hashtag so they can interact.
  2. Show support to a wider audience
    • The involvement of campaign supporters and their uploads will help increase the popularity of the campaign. This involvement can be used as a way to attract a broader audience to know and eventually join in supporting the campaign.
  3. Increase the value of related activities, brands or organisations
    • The use of hashtags in the upload photos will encourage a campaign to become more viral. This opportunity will also be useful for activities, brands, or organisations that initiate the campaign to be better known.

Tips from us:

  1. Do in-depth search and analysis related to the campaign you want to do.
  2. Research the success of the keywords you want to use.
  3. Use easy-to-remember keywords.
  4. Add it to the "Campaign Tag" column.


Example of adding the hashtag #twibbonize on the campaign creation page.

Whatever keywords you use, don't forget to add the hashtag #Twibbonize. We periodically conduct searches and repost on our social media.

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