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Keep in mind that Twibbonize has the right to restrict and strictly follow up on all campaign activities in accordance with applicable policies without exception. We hope that users can use the platform Twibbonize well as a means and have a positive attitude. Each report from a campaign will be processed individually and carefully scrutinized. We understand that errors can occur. For this reason, Twibbonize tries to be wise in dealing with violations that occur.


What happens when your campaign is reported? You will be notified through email that contains:

  • Details of the reported campaign (campaign title and link)
  • Which policies were violated (e.g. plagiarism, specifically on campaign piracy)

For violations that are proven to fall into the category of Plagiarism, Sensitive Content and Dangerous & Violent Content, we will permanently delete the violating campaign (ban).

Twibbonize certainly wants to help you continue to use our platform. To do so, please review our Community Guidelines to better understand and comply with the policies that we have made.

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