How to Change the Frame Design in a Campaign?

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Sebastian Billy
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  1. Go to the profile page.A41a.1.png
  2. Select edit on the campaign you want to change the frame design. A41a.2.png
  3. First, deactivate your campaign by swiping left and make sure it is grayed out. A41a.2__1_.png
  4. Select the frame module and delete the design you want to replace by selecting the trash can button.A41a.3.png
  5. Re-upload your new design by selecting add module, select frame.A41a.4.png
  6. Don't forget to add an interesting caption.
  7. Select save.A41a.5.png
  8. View preview.A41a.6.png
  9. Reactivate the campaign with a new design.A41a.7.png

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