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To become a talent on Twibbonize Marketplace, ensure you have at least one of the required freelance platform accounts. For information, Twibbonize Marketplace can be linked and requires accounts from Fiverr, Upwork, fast work, and Shopee. If you need to create, here's a quick guide:


1. Fiverr

Visit the Fiverr. com page and select join. Register by email or associate with social media Facebook, Google or Apple.

Once successful, please insert the relevant username and select join.

Don't forget to complete profile information and professional information.

If everything is correct and your account is verified, create a Gig and share the services you offer.


2. Upwork

Visit the page and create an account. You can connect it with your Google account or write down the email address you use.

Next select Country, Work as a Freelance, tick approval and Create my account.

Complete the profile by clicking Start My Profile. Make sure you have informed it correctly and select submit profile.

Perform verification to make it easier to communicate and transact.


3. Fastwork

You can access, select create an account and enter your email + password.

If your account is ready, don't forget to fill in the detailed information with your ID card and bank account.

Wait for your account to be verified and post a job if all the steps have been successful.


4. Shopee

You can register and create an account through the official Shopee Apps or through the site. Use the phone number to get a unique code and OTP, set a password and select a list. You can also associate a Google, Facebook, LINE, or Apple account.

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